The Tingwa Valley safari is more a concept than a fixed itinerary. It means you stay at Kopje Tops Lodge or Bat Caves camp and do not camp out in the wilds of the bush as on an explorer safari. The riding also tends to be a bit easier than on the Explorer Safaris.

Giraffe ahead

All our safaris are extremely flexible and we try to make the daily itinerary fit around guests preferences. So instead of a fixed itinerary we like to list the Tingwa, Mavare, Rwazi, Dateema, Mashonjeri, Buro, Musengezi, Mananuku, Fundumwe Rivers, just to name a few, to explore. There is also the McGrath, Rusty and Schellenberger waterfalls, Dead Elephant gorge, Incognito, Bat Caves, The Roof of the World, Makura Spilling tables and ancient fortresses of the Monomatapa Empire and a thousand other as yet unexplored places.

Even a week’s safari is too short to explore all of the above. You will return to Kopje Tops camp amazed by the diversity and magnificence of the Mavuradonha. You will have stepped back into the past, experiencing the thrill of exploring a virgin wilderness area far from the madding crowd.

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