Sundown on Explorer Safari

If you want to experience what it was like for the early explorers sleeping on a mountaintop or on the sandy floor of a cave, this safari is a must for you. You will feel the wind in your face, the proximity of the bush and the calls of the wild all around.

On the Explorer safari we travel deeper in the heart of the wilderness and so for one or two nights we sleep out rough carrying our own food, water (wine for dinner), washing in rivers, a spade for a loo and sleeping on the ground with a mat or grass bed and sleeping bag.

This safari starts the same as the Tingwa Valley but we carry on from Bat Caves and the riding becomes progressively harder the elephant paths narrower and more precipitous as we climb higher into the mountains. We always end up somewhere spectacular to spend the evening: a cave, an ancient Monomatapa fortress, or perched above the world on a mountaintop to watch the moon set on one side and the sunrise on the other.

No set daily itinerary on this safari other than to say that the first and last nights will be spent back at Kopje Tops Lodge, two nights at Bat Caves and the remaining nights out rough deep into the Wilderness. Depending on guests we can either spend two consecutive nights out rough (or more) or head back to the comfort of Bat Caves for hot showers after one night rough. We can then proceed on in another direction the next day for another night out rough.

Covering up to 120 kilometres of challenging riding in 4/5 days this Explorers safari is only for experienced confident riders. The terrain is extremely rugged.

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